Friday, August 14, 2009

rails and unit tests

today i came across a case when i wanted to test some code that would eventually be running on the rails environment (a bj job) but didn't really have anything Rails-y other than logging via Rails.logger.debug etc.

i ended up creating a stub for the rails logger so that i could run this as a simple unit test case instead of a rails test case which take a helluva long time.

add a new file called 'rails_stub.rb' into your test folder. in that dump the following code-

module Rails
#rails stub
def Rails::logger
class Rails::Logger
def debug string
log "DEBUG:\t"+string
def info string
log "INFO:\t"+string
def log string
# adding a prefix
print "RAILS_LOG:"+string

in the test case, just require rails.rb and you are set to go., running the test case from the command line will dump the logs onto the terminal.

exercise for the future- get this stub logger to be a littl emore fancy- supress by level etc.