Wednesday, March 19, 2008

firefox 3 beta 4

downloaded the beta 4 for firefox (from here) after reading multiple news snippets about it in a day.

initial impressions with regards to its performance was quite good. it started up much faster (which is not a mean thing as at any point in time i have about 40 tabs in 4 windows from the last session). it also seemed to take a wee bit lesser in memory over the 5 hours that I was using it, but then let me down by crashing sometime during the night. :(

apart from the performance i found that the new gui seems much cleaner, especially the new navigation toolbar and its buttons.

i also liked were also the pop-up style password manager and the cool scrolling effects on the tab bar (the ones that appear when you have too many tabs open to render them in one screen).

but the single worst thing i saw was the rendering of fonts. never been an expert in this field and so i can't tell you in technical words whats wrong. just that it looks yucky!!
the site most hit by this was gmail. pics not included as I realized i really didn't want pix of my mailbox on the internet :) instead u can see screen-shots of google reader in ff2.0..0.12 and ff3.0b4]